Sunday, February 27, 2005


The moon sets on the brow of this night,
As his fiddle calls out for her.
Her gambol all-consuming; he surrenders.

Accompanied by tender notes from the drying river,
She trickles into his restless sleep,
Growing with the zest of a sprout,
Burgeoned by his wilderness.

Behold! The charms of this voluptuous beast,
On whose venom the untamed quench their thirst.
She walks tall among condemners,
Nonchalant of death or mercy.

And she lies wide-awake in the entrails of slumber-
Unceasing movement in the land of the dead,
Colours in the canvas of pale misery…

Rise to glory O Enchantress!
Purple cape on my ivory skin.

Monday, February 14, 2005


At the far corner of a sombre life,
The end spreads like the limitless sea.
The waves rhythmically lashing against the rocks,
Letting loose a seductive strain.

The evening dons a forevermore look,
As it alights on the waning soul,
Setting it on a dispassionate fire,
Burgeoning it with the fuel of silence.

The last currents of the day will flow this way,
Laden with promises of a picturesque heaven.
They would comfort the grieving,
And pray for those departing.

Soon the evening would bleed,
And from its wounds would rise the majestic night-
The waves would raise their pitch to roars.
As I lay under the crumbling rocks, the sea would wash me over and over again,
Until the last wisps of life is wiped out of my skin.

One by one the stones would fall,
Drowning me under the debris of tomorrow.


Posted by Hello

Drew this ages ago. its coarse and the paint spilled all over. Somehow didnt wanna let go of it, grown attached to it. Looks much better on paper than in here. Isnt much to say about it. Basically just a chick sitting on a chair. but if someones got something to interpret from this, your welcome to.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Some words of advice by John Updike...

Cousin dearest pops on this wasted Saturday. Unfunny things that sound so amusing follows him inside.
Cousin dearest: Need some money.
Me: What for?
Cousin dearest: Friends bought some good stuff (porn). Am 50 bucks short of happiness. (:P)
Me:You think I am gonna lend you money for that?
Porn lover: Come on ya! Dont waste my time.
Me: Kiss my ass
Freak (in all seriousness): Will i get the money if I do that?
ME: Argh! Fuck off!
Cousin dearest: ra***
I whacked him on his head an wrestled him to the floor. But hes too huge for me. Mom comes in but doesnt want to interfere. He gives up. She goes away.
Cousin dearest: Ill lend it to you...
Whacks him again.
Cousin dearest: You know you should be a little more human being like...
Me: Those who advice have whisky under their breath...
Cousin dearest: My dads a drunkard then.

We laugh. Saturday doesn't seem so bad now...shh...can see saturday looking at me with a angry glare.

Monday, February 07, 2005

SUPRESSION Posted by Hello
Is called supression. once again, would be so glad if you guys dropped in to tell me what you thought about this painting and i DEFINITELY dont ask for its markt value. All that matters is what you think this pic means