Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am vexed. All my genius seems to have been crushed by the lack of availability of my vagina. If ever I felt frigid, I think this would be the moment that best describes it. If ever I had doubted my talent and capabilities – this is just one of the several days. And I come crashing against the wall of this blog once again to beat my head till I senselessly ramble, and one of you, out of the profound goodness of your hearts reaches out from where you needn’t and try at something you could entirely avoid.
I am not a sad person, mad person, bad person, angry person. In fact, my soul is cleaner than my fingernails. I am just a weak person. And weakness is, surely, the only way to anger. Oh, I could cry right now and break something just to feel something else. It is mighty hard to put all your hopes on something that you know somewhere inside, isn’t real but you continue because you have nowhere else to go.



Blogger Keshi said...

I u'stand ya totally de.vile. Sometimes we just hv to 'go on' even if there's no hope.

** I am just a weak person.

That to me comes from a very strong person. Cos it takes alot of strength n guts to admit one's weaknesses!

Missed ya...d u rem me? :)


8:49 AM  

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