Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dead End

Evil forces will take over. The snakes are out of the bags along with the blank eyed zombies. I think I am going to pack my bags and join them.

Glad to have the haters and the lovers (not to forget the fakers) on the ride.

Hasta La vista,
Faceless people have always been comforting.



Friday, July 01, 2005

Rummy silences

Rummy silences-stolen kisses

Tonight, there won't be need for thought he moves in with promise,
And through the caramel glasses I see a dull sparkle,
Don't look for my love he said,
And then the thought of tonight fell from his lips,
Onto my dry, tensed tongue,
That received with want, with urgency,
Tonight, I would be his love, his God, his muse.
And down my virgin path he went,
Limbless beast on a sliding descend,
The burn grew and a hole gaped,
My dull eyes now blissfully hollow on his caramel mirror,
The vaporising sweetness in its pure form,
Travelling on without traces,
I wouldn't miss till the next drop fell.
Sleep, sleep, it is time to rest he whispers in my throat.
Sleep. Sleep, I whisper in my feathery pillow.